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Outerspace Radio Show: EP 2 (w/ Chad Kamenshine)

I shared stories, talked food and played some tunes with Danielle on her radio show Outerspace.

A Day with The Naked and Famous

With protests happening only a few blocks away and an unusual stillness in the air, The Naked and Famous’ power-pop anthems helped break through the veil of NYC’s restlessness and gave strength to a city during a time of deep uncertainty.

A Day with Still Corners

Throw on a track from Still Corners and you are taken through a cinematic soundscape chock-full of mood and atmosphere. Crafted by Tessa and Greg, Still Corners’ music re-introduces you to a world full of John Hughes films, A-Ha music videos, and fashionable color palettes that go way beyond black and white.

Introducing… Let’s Eat Grandma

The super-talented duo of Rosa and Jenny started making music together at the age of thirteen and that deep connection comes out in the form of two creative souls, crafting music that’s wise beyond their years.

Soundchecking with Fear of Men

Fear of Men’s soundscape is both beautiful and haunting. With minimal hints of synths, perfectly placed percussion and vocals that channel 10,000 Maniacs, Natalie Merchant they’re the perfect soundtrack for that nighttime drive to nowhere.

From The Highline to MoMA: Hanging With Potty Mouth

Like ripping open a time capsule from the 90‘s; Potty Mouth take you back to a time when bands like Soundgarden, Veruca Salt, and Sponge made up your favorite hissy cassette mixtape and TRL was the after school jam.

A Coney Island Night With L.A. Witch

Follow along as we hit Coney Island’s Wonder Wheel, grabbed some Nathan’s hot dogs and visited the home of Mr. Robot’s FSociety.

Strolling with The Coathangers

The Coathangers play by their own rules. With the type of sound that would have enveloped the walls of the late CBGBs; their approach delivers a direct message of strength and presence with a side of playful sass.

No Reservations with Japanese Breakfast

With a sound that pulls you into a Cocteau Twins state of mind, Michelle Zauner takes the heartbreak of losing a loved one and transforms it into an emotionally fueled record of self expression and healing. It’s the type of beauty that manifests itself when one is truly tested and has to dig deep inside themselves.

Introducing… Bishop Briggs

There may not be much out there about Bishop but take one listen to her music and you can start to peel back the layers of what makes her tick. The pulsating weight of past events, alongside her soulful vocals comes at you like an anthemic confession to the world. It’s the type of lay it all out on the table affair that will make you weak in the knees and asking for more.