Journal | The Artistree
Exploring NYC with YACHT

With catchy tracks and the personas to back them up.. YACHT represent everything that first made Electro Pop the staple that it is today and currently fill the void left by bands such as LCD, CSS and Crystal Castles.

Follow along as we explore NYC with Claire and Jona

A Day with Emily Kinney and Her Squad

On the eve of battle… Emily Kinney and her band celebrated the release of This is War at the Highline Ballroom in NYC.

A Day with Of Monsters and Men

Follow us as we tag along with the creators behind one of the best records of the year at Mohegan Sun Arena.

Exploring with Yumi Zouma

Follow along as New Zealand collides with New York City as we started in Dumbo and ended at a house show in Bushwick.

Hello, Goodbye. A Day with Phantogram.

From hearing Phantogram for the first time at Glasslands six years ago and seeing them go from playing the Music Hall of Williamsburg to headlining Terminal 5 – I’m excited that I finally got to collaborate with these two.

The Lunar Phase of The Soft Moon

There’s no denying the powerful impact of The Soft Moon. Easily a favorite amongst us, Luis Vasquez’s project bends and transforms industrial and post-punk noise in ways that would make the original pioneers of these genres proud.

Coming Full Circle with José González

In 2010, José González and Junip were part of my first ever real deal portrait session at The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn. To think that it’s been five years since we last crossed paths and everything that has happened in-between, completely blows my mind.

From Dawn to Dusk with Hinds

I knew Carlotta, Ana, Ade, and Amber would appreciate the good and the ugly side of Brooklyn‘s experience, so we braved the Marcy Av station in the middle of rush hour madness – and later caught twilight over the city skyline at the waterfront in Greenpoint.

Introducing… Mourn

Despite the name, they‘re not another black cladded band trying to exude cool in Saint Laurent. Instead, the only black you’ll find them sporting are the straight edge X‘s stamped on their hands. Ranging in age from 15-18 years young, they‘re a colorful crew of Catalans with authentic swagger, channeling the ghosts of musics past with sonic nods to PJ Harvey and the Pixies to prove their chops.

A Day in Brooklyn with 2:54 and Honeyblood

One of the most rewarding parts of the usual craziness of capturing an artist‘s photo is meeting someone new. And in turn, getting to appreciate a shared experience with them. At Rough Trade in Brooklyn, I met up with Stina and Cat of Honeyblood and the Thurlow sisters of 2:54 – two pairs of overseas buzzmakers that you should definitely lend an ear to…