Journal | The Artistree

A few tracks that we’ve been listening to in our studio

An Introduction To: Ministry

I said to myself, this guy is absolutely nuts – Al Jourgensen makes Keith Richards look just as wholesome as Big Bird.

A Ghostly Night in NYC

East collided with West for a transcending night at Terminal 5.

Tycho’s Ascension

After one of the most dreary and dull winters in recent years – Tycho brought warmth and beauty to a city starved for an injection of color.

An Introduction To: The Faint

A playlist featuring some of our must listen songs from The Faint.

Why you should listen to NIN’s The Fragile – for the first, or hundreth time

As a kid, Nine Inch Nails were my first foray into dark music.

Creation Records

While the “Polar Vortex” was bearing down on NYC, I was in search for a good movie on Netflix and came across “Upside Down: The Creation Records Story”.

Chad’s Top Photos of 2013

To the creators below, the publicists we drove crazy, and the many new friends we made along the way – thank you for making this our most inspiring and memorable year yet.

Coast-to-Coast with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

A photo narrative of our adventures from Austin, TX to Brooklyn, NY with B.R.M.C.

Mike’s Top 20 Albums of 2013

If you are looking for Kanye West, shitty pop bangerz, or things to twerk to – move the fuck along.